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    Time: ICHP GROUP;Thursdays 6:30pm-8:30pm

    Location: Online Zoom (Group)

    ICHP Australia Clinical Supervision- ONLINE  GROUP Sessions

    3d-handshakeICHP GROUP 

    Thursday evenings 6:30pm-8:30pm SA time- to join group email- ichp.aust@gmail.com

    2022 DATES;

    DATES;  January 27th, February 24th,  April 28th, May 26th, June 30th, July 28th,  September 29th, October 27th,  November 24th. 

    If registered with the HCA and or a member of a Hypnotherapy Association and practicing Hypnotherapy you are required to attend regular supervision (at least once a month) either face to face via zoom/Skype and or over the phone or by email.

    Supervision provides an opportunity for a practicing hypnotherapist to receive professional ongoing support and guidance in working with clients and in personal development.

    Supervision provides:
    • a forum for discussing case histories, client issues, the workplace, and the supervisee’s own issues with clinical work.
    • an opportunity for a regular debrief in a safe, non-judgemental environment in order to avoid burn-out
    • an opportunity to air and address a wide range of issues related to:
    o clients
    o colleagues
    o relationships
    o safety
    o legalities, ethics, code of conduct
    o ongoing personal and professional development
    o skills
    o experience
    o personal well-being
    o building a practice
    o the workplace.