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    Time: 8.45 am for registration Classes start 9am

    Location: Meridien comfort inn Hotel, Melbourne Street, North Adelaide



    CPD WORKSHOP-Lotus program


    Enhance Personal Resilience and Well being in clients Utilizing the  LOTUS PROGRAM- A structured program for Learning, Optimizing, Transforming & Understanding the Self.


    THIS IS NOT a mental health program, IT IS HOWEVER ICHP’S answer to Seligman’s Positive Psychology but framed for Hypno-psychotherapists. You might think of it as an advanced Coaching program using Hypno-psychotherapy.

    Covering 10 domains of life that are of serious interest to Clients (such as Future Security, Self Acceptance, Life purpose, Autonomy and so on).
    The client is provided with a Workbook which the Practitioner works through with them in session by session (from a practitioner manual) and the Practitioner is supplied with all required tools, audio recordings and scripts as
    well as an underpinning background volume of theory and methodology underpinning LOTUS. There is also a format and additional tools for small group (typically 4-6) therapy.
    The Workshop will provide, via a Workbook) direct experience in working the program via work with a Partner also the following materials:
    1. A Structured guide (Workbook) for the Clinical Client
    2. A Practitioner’s Clinical Workbook with which to guide the client through
    the various tasks.
    3. A set of FFHP_interventions that are appropriate and guidance to others
    which you may wish to employ.
    4. A set of Augmented Mindfulness scripts (and some example Audio files)
    for application during the program.
    5. The Ryff 42 item Wellbeing assessment tool as well as the lCHP Australia
    28 item assessment tool which collectively will be used to identify the targets for Hypno-psychotherapy in each of the 10 life domains.
    The program can be run for individual clients and or turned into a group program for clients.
    TO ENROLL or inquire contact ichp.aust@gmail.com or Dr Peter George on 0412 907 363