Course Code: 003

This advanced level Course takes the Diploma graduate on to the more advanced practice aspects of Hypnotic techniques and Hypno-psychotherapeutic approaches which have proved so successful in dealing with serious on-going stress, post-traumatic stress, serious depression and the more difficult anxiety disorders as well as providing support in emergencies, in preparation for surgery and in pain management.

It introduces the Diploma graduate to working with the terminally ill in very deep trance as well as some of the more sophisticated mind-body healing approaches deriving from modern research in Neuro-science. The course also introduces some well established and proven “brief therapy” approaches which are particularly suited to the addition of Hypnotic techniques and which research has shown increase effectiveness by a factor of between 2 and 3.

Successful graduation from the Diploma course is a pre-requisite for the Advanced Diploma course. Students are required to complete a further 740 hrs (which may also be reduced by granting recognition for prior learning and/or current practice). At least 170 hrs must be focused on increasing practical skills and on the application of those skills in clinical work. The remaining hours are dedicated towards advancing theoretical understanding and research.

The course is intensely practical and requires students to attend two (2) 6 day intensive practical sessions. It is also possible to gain RPL from the Professional Development list of weekend Workshops that ICHP(Australia) holds from time to time. The total Course hours are usually spread over 6-9 months.


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Course Benefits

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Unit ID Unit Name Duration Prerequisites
001 Design Basics 3 Months Units 005, 001 and 010
002 Marketing 3 Months None
003 Colour Theory 1 Month Unit 001
004 Business Studies 5 Months Units 007 and 009


Successful completion of the Certificate and Diploma in Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapy are prerequisites for this course.


You will receive an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. This accords you full advanced practitioner status and is recognized in all the countries where ICHP is recognized (see inside cover of Prospectus). It provides evidence of an ability to conduct comprehensive advanced ethical Hypnosis, Hypno-psychotherapy and Analytic Hypnotherapy.

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Completion of the Certificate in Hypno-Psychotherapy and Diploma are pre-requisites before applying to take this course.