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    Time: 9:30am

    Location: Online Foundation class sessions begin

    ICHP Australia Online training- Foundation Certificate


    ICHP Australia Online Zoom classes for students studying and entering clinical practice in the field of Hypno-psychotherapy.

    To join an online Class email- ichp.aust@gmail.com

      ONLINE Foundation Zoom Classes starting  19th February 2022

    ONLINE Foundation Classes run  once a month over a weekend. Classes consists of  a Morning  & Afternoon session approximately 3hrs each with  short tea break and an 1 hour break for lunch.

    Break out rooms are used for workbook experiential activities to work with other students in facilitation Hypno-psychotherapy sessions.

    Online classes Saturday- Sunday  9:30am-4pm SA time

    Intake 1  zoom class – start date February 19th 2022

    • February Sat 19th – Sun 20th session 1 and 2
    • March Sat 19th – Sun 20th session 3 and 4
    • April Sat 9th  - Sun 10th session 5 and 6
    • May Sat 7th – Sun 8th  session 7 and 8
    • May Sat 28th session 9-(final zoom F/C session)

    Intake 2 zoom class – start date July 23rd 2022

    • July Sat 23rd – Sun 24th session 1 and 2
    • August Sat 13th – Sun 14th session 3 and 4
    • September Sat 10th –Sun 11th session 5 and 6
    • October Sat 8th – Sun 9th session 7 and 8
    • October  Sat 22nd session 9-(final zoom session)

     Online classes are Interactive with an ICHP Clinical Supervisor/Trainer.

    ONLINE Zoom Sessions are being offered and are open to all Foundation Students who wish to apply the whole course online and /or are unable to attend a practical in 2022 – Each session will make its way through the Foundation basic structure, tools and applications of ICHP Function Focused Hypno-Psychotherapy.

    All students who have been unable to attend a practical in 2021-22 that wish to move forward with their studies are encouraged to attend these practical online sessions to work through and complete the workbook whist COVID restrictions are still in place and/or travel is restricted.

    Sessions will include a slide show, demonstrations and instructions for Students to make their way through the foundation workbook in a structured manner.

    Each session students work towards completing activities within the experiential workbook.

     This is applied within group activities, class discussions and some portion of each session is dedicated to facilitating activities in pairs in the breakout rooms for practical application.

    All students can email for support at anytime, if required students can also arrange 1-1 support session via zoom with course lecturers.